UAB SMS-Eligita is formed as a Lithuanian-owned company. During the first two years of operation, the company was engaged in the manufacture of food products and production of foodstuffs. Later on, cooperation with suppliers of raw materials and the growing professionalism of the team evolved to a business relationship with partners based on mutual trust.


The company is awarded the status of the authorised representative of the German concern Rudolf Wild GmbH & Co.KG in the Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Kaliningrad region). The company discontinued the manufacture business and became a commercial company, offering a variety of raw food materials for the market.


The LIBELLA brand brings together Lithuanian soft drink manufacturers, and unifies brand management and marketing. The new project has empowered small producers in Lithuania and extended their survival for several more years under difficult conditions of market globalisation.


The company initiates the establishment of the National Association of Beverage Manufacturers.


The company successfully expands its activities in a number of countries, including setting up a commercial unit in Riga (Latvia) and two companies in Almaty (Kazakhstan).


The company implements a quality management system, all processes and the company managed according to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008, thus ensuring its customers high quality of supplied products and services.


In order to establish itself in the market and maximise satisfaction in terms of the needs of producers, the company increased its range of products, and expand its number of business partners in Germany, France, Spain, Holland, Belgium, and Poland.


The ELIGITA-GROUP is officially formed. The Group includes 10 companies engaged in various different activities: production, trading in raw materials for the food industry, wholesale trade in food products, and automobiles. Today, this Group consists of 8 companies that currently employ about 500 staff.


The strong focus on team development and qualitative growth of the company continues – the company has a certified integrated management system that meets the requirements of international standards ISO 9001 (quality management system), ISO 14001 (environmental management system) and ISO 22000 (food safety management system).

Other activities

The company operates two process laboratories where professional technologists develop new products and recipes, and solve ongoing problems concerning industrial processes. In its facilities, the company organises training sessions for customers, educational seminars, and business trips for on-site visits to various food industry companies in the EU.

In order to improve customer service, the storage of goods is concentrated at one warehouse at Drausgystes str. 13A , Kaunas. The premises complies with the EU sanitary and safe working conditions, thus ensuring fast, secure and high quality service.

The company actively participates in social activities: the company sponsors the SOS Children's Village, children and youth sports activities, Nemunas folk art ensemble of Kaunas University of Technology, and theatre projects. For several years, the company has been cooperating with the LFMI (Lithuanian Free Market Institute) in order to not only discuss today’s business problems in Lithuania, but also to actively participate by offering their solutions.

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