Mission & vision



UAB SMS-Eligita is focused on the highest level of service and safety and quality of its products corresponding to the highest requirements:
  • Maximum satisfaction of customer needs,
  • Active pursuit of new trends in the global food industry presentations, development of new recipes, technological advice and tastings,
  • Search for new business partners, mastering new lines of business and product development trends,
  • Training seminars and professional development trips,
  • Activities of all professional staff are focused towards maintaining the leadership positions in the Lithuanian market and the importance of teamwork,
  • Permanent reduction of the negative environmental impact and implementation of pollution prevention measures.

Strategic tasks, areas of activities:

  • Maintaining and continuously improving the integrated quality, food safety and environmental management system according to LST EN ISO 9001:2008, LST EN ISO 22000:2005/AC:2006, LST EN ISO 14001:2005 standards;
  • Identifying customer needs and predicting them,
  • Improving the planning system within the company as well as implementing it for work with clients,
  • Ensuring the responsibility of each employee for the safety and quality of supplied products and for the quality of all the work depending on the position and competence,
  • Systematic improvement of the skills of employees at all levels;
  • Ensuring each employee's responsibility for the quality of our services and products;
  • Achieving the responsibility of each everyone in the company for the quality of their work in accordance with their duties and competence.

Company’s management obliges:

  • Providing employees with conditions for high quality and efficient work through social guarantees and benevolent atmosphere of mutual understanding,
  • Recognising the merits, creative initiative of employees and encourage them to strive for better results;
  • Providing conditions for the realization of ideas and proposals by assessing their practical value;
  • Paying particular attention to the selection of staff, evaluating and improving their skills,
  • Exercising the requirements of quality, food safety and environmental protection legislation applicable in the Republic of Lithuania for food enterprises,
  • Definition and enforcement of environmental objectives and tasks, follow in accordance with principles of pollution prevention,
  • Educating, training Encouraging employees to work consciously in accordance with the environmental requirements, assuming responsibility for effects of the their activities on the environment both at work and at home,
  • Implementing the quality, food safety and environmental policy, in close cooperation with suppliers,
  • Paying remuneration, subject to performance,
  • Performing an annual review of the quality policy so that it constantly remains appropriate.
1.       The Client will transfer personal data to the Contractor for the purposes of the Agreement.

2.       By transferring personal data to the Contractor, the Client agrees and undertakes:

2.1. to limit the transfer of personal data to the extent it is required for the provision of services;

2.2. to ensure that personal data being transferred have been collected and processed on legal grounds and that the transfer complies with the provisions of the laws governing personal data protection;

2.3. to ensure that the data subjects whose data are transferred have been notified about the processing of personal data in due time and manner, including but not limited to data transfer to the Contractor and that they have been made aware of the information provided for In art. 14 of GDPR;

2.4. to notify the Contractor about any corrections, erasure or processing restrictions of personal data as provided for in GDPR prior to the commencement of provision of services by the Contractor and in case of later notification, the Client assumes full liability and compensation for the losses resulting from late notification.

3.       By receiving personal data, the Contractor agrees and undertakes:

3.1. to process personal data exclusively for the purposes of the Agreement;

3.2. to ensure that the processing of personal data complies with the requirements of the laws governing personal data protection;

4.       To ensure that the Contractor’s employees and other individuals engaged by the Contractor for the processing of personal data have undertaken to keep confidentiality and data security requirements in compliance with the requirements of the laws governing personal data protection;

5.       To implement adequate technical and organisational measures ensuring the level of security, which is sufficient in the background of possible risks and which delivers protection and assistance in implementing data subject’s rights and enabling the processing of personal data in strict compliance with the requirements of the laws governing personal data protection.

6.       The parties agree to cooperate and assist each other, when they receive requests or inquiries by data subjects and (or) competent authorities related to personal data transferred hereunder.

7.       If, for whatever reasons, either party is unable to comply with the terms and conditions of this agreement, the party must immediately notify the other party about it.

8.       The Contractor is entitled to implement its rights, as the data controller, including the right to engage data processors for the processing of personal data transferred to the Contractor.



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