We and our  partner NEXIRA presents new video  explaining the healthy benefits of Fibregum™.


We introduce raw materials news of 2017, which, like every spring, presents our long-time partner “ADM Europe Wild GmbH & Co.KG".

The main news of this year – beverage blends with seeds “Chia" (Salvia hispanica) for still juice drinks and smoothies production. Beverages with these blends could be really exceptional in market due to its unique composition, appearance and excellent taste.

Other interesting news:

Beverage blends with natural juices (Not from concentrate!) purpose is for various beverages: "Near Water", juice drinks, nectars and juices production.

New sweeteners and sweetener combinations, which use would allow successfully to reduce amount of sugar in the final product.

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Prosur - products for more natural meat products. Solutions for „clean" label. Natural, fragrant meat products - safer and healthier:

  • Longer expire date and safer food products
  • No nitrites in finished products
  • No nitrosamines and their risk
  • Without additional phosphates
  • The natural taste and aroma
  • Attractive stamp for users
  • No allergens and gluten


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