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UAB SMS-Eligita is focused on the highest level of service and safety and quality of its products corresponding to the highest requirements:
  • Maximum satisfaction of customer needs,
  • Active pursuit of new trends in the global food industry presentations, development of new recipes, technological advice and tastings,
  • Search for new business partners, mastering new lines of business and product development trends,
  • Training seminars and professional development trips,
  • Activities of all professional staff are focused towards maintaining the leadership positions in the Lithuanian market and the importance of teamwork,
  • Permanent reduction of the negative environmental impact and implementation of pollution prevention measures.

Strategic tasks, areas of activities:

  • Maintaining and continuously improving the integrated quality, food safety and environmental management system according to LST EN ISO 9001:2008, LST EN ISO 22000:2005/AC:2006, LST EN ISO 14001:2005 standards;
  • Identifying customer needs and predicting them,
  • Improving the planning system within the company as well as implementing it for work with clients,
  • Ensuring the responsibility of each employee for the safety and quality of supplied products and for the quality of all the work depending on the position and competence,
  • Systematic improvement of the skills of employees at all levels;
  • Ensuring each employee's responsibility for the quality of our services and products;
  • Achieving the responsibility of each everyone in the company for the quality of their work in accordance with their duties and competence.

Company’s management obliges:

  • Providing employees with conditions for high quality and efficient work through social guarantees and benevolent atmosphere of mutual understanding,
  • Recognising the merits, creative initiative of employees and encourage them to strive for better results;
  • Providing conditions for the realization of ideas and proposals by assessing their practical value;
  • Paying particular attention to the selection of staff, evaluating and improving their skills,
  • Exercising the requirements of quality, food safety and environmental protection legislation applicable in the Republic of Lithuania for food enterprises,
  • Definition and enforcement of environmental objectives and tasks, follow in accordance with principles of pollution prevention,
  • Educating, training Encouraging employees to work consciously in accordance with the environmental requirements, assuming responsibility for effects of the their activities on the environment both at work and at home,
  • Implementing the quality, food safety and environmental policy, in close cooperation with suppliers,
  • Paying remuneration, subject to performance,
  • Performing an annual review of the quality policy so that it constantly remains appropriate.



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